"Boeing 747-400" Flight Crew CBT.
"Atlantis Systems International, Inc (Flight Training Devices software) and Airbus A320" Flight Crew CBT.
"Advanced Multimediated Courseware Delivery Over CA*NetII".
"Pilot Training Courseware delivery over CA*NetII"
Registered vendor Developing series DVD/CD, involving Graphic Design, Interactive software application programming, optical media duplication/printing.
BC Child Hospital Foundation;
Registered vendor Developing series of DVD/CD involving Graphic Design, Interactive software application programming, optical media duplication/printing.
City of Langley Interactive CD developing.
The Law Society of British Columbia Interactive CD developing.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Training Web Streaming video processing.
Open Learning Agency's Developing multiple multimedia CDs.
Nettwerk Management Sarah McLachlan DVD "Video Collection 1989-1998";
Sarah McLachlan DVD "Video Collection 1989-2005";
"FischerSpooner" DVD.
Bruce Allen Talent Bryan Adams DVD "Japan2000"
Bryan Adams DVD "Live at the Budokan"
Bryan Adams DVD "Waiking up the World Tour"
Troubadour Music Inc. DVD "Raffi in concert".
Warren Miller Entertainment Canada
DVD "Schick Xtreme 3".
DVD "Thrills+Spills".
911 Training Systems Ltd: special digital FX.
Finale Editwork: Developing series of DVD/CD, involving Encoding, Authoring, Graphic Design, media duplication/printing.
Image Media: Developing series of DVD/CD.
Chapter 2 Ltd: Multiple media duplication/printing.
Science World: Custom video/audio processing.
Daval Production Inc. Multiple media duplication/printing.
Lightroom FX: Developing of the series of DVD/CD.
Bulldog Technologies Inc. Developing of corporate CD.
SunRype Products Ltd: Developing of corporate CD.
CanLan Ice Sports: Developing of corporate multimedia CD.
Peter Write Assosiates Ltd: Multiple interactive multimedia CDs developing including Graphic Design.
Maynards: Developing of corporate multimedia CD.
Keystone Intertainment: Developing of corporate multimedia CD and presentation DVD.
DICOM Imaging Systems Inc. Developing multiple multimedia presentation/training CD's.
Rimex Supply Ltd: Developing interactive CD including Graphic Design.
Sierra Wireless: Developing interactive CD.
Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre: Developing interactive CD.
H3Q Entertainment Group: Developing interactive CD.
Norske Canada: Developing interactive CD.
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers: Multiple Interactive CD Developing.
Layra Doyle: Enhanced Developing Enhanced interactive CD, Graphic Design.
SFU: Developing interactive CD.
Immerse Vision Interactive Technologies Inc. multiple media duplication/printing.
Omni Video: developing interactive CD, media duplication/printing.